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Mufin Player - MP3 Archive automatically assign and edit

This Software is: Freeware

Description and Test:

Mufin Player (free of charge) analyze all MP3 files on the Volume, Tempo, and Over 40 other sound properties. So are auto-generated Playlists of äsimilar titles. It can be searched for Songs on the Internet which are the current favorite song äsimilar.

Mufin Player organizes your MP3 collection in a innovative kind of star map. The position of the MP3s show their musical direction. The Software plays, of course, the music files, or burn them to CD/DVD. So the MP3-Tags and Covers can be processed automatically or manually.

At mufin.drive, you can überspielen music files on a Internet Server. So you are at any place with fast Internet access is always available. In the free Version of Mufin Player has a limited memory space to 2GB.

Mufin Player is a modern music organizer, which is Superior to many herköconventional programs.

Video of Mufin Player

Mufin Player presented by Spotlight-Onlinepublishing

Assessment of the editorial 4/5 Star