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Gesture Search - By Drawing on the Tablet start programs

This Software is: Freeware

Gesture Search

Description and Test:

Of frequently used Apps and functions are often hidden in the circumstances, to the ultimate Menus. So, the home screen is quickly filled with App icons. In this case, Gesture Search helps.

For example, it is enough to write the letter W on the Tablet, and immediately the Browser is launched with the weather site. Or the favorite song, just start with an X. The program is lernfähig. Any of the drawn symbols can be assigned arbitrary functions.

The free Appsorgt sure traders¤will often start required functions, simply by characters on the Android Tablet. Without having to search in Menus. Very useful! Unfortunately, the App does not Work on the Motorola Xoom.

Video of Gesture Search

Gesture Search presented by Spotlight-Onlinepublishing

Assessment of the editorial 5/5 Star